Seafood Business Group

Our mission is to provide safe and high quality seafood to our clients in the global market, which meet their individual needs. We have direct supply sources in Norway, Iceland, USA, Canada, Southeast Asian countries and Japan, enabling us to procure various seafood such as Mackerel, Capelin, Horse Mackerel, Red fish, Bottom Fish, Salmon, Squid, Cuttlefish, and so on.

Meat Business Group

We have contributed to Japanese food culture for a long time supplying high quality and safe meat from foreign countries. Our strong relationship with major meat packers makes us ensure a reliable supply and we are proud of dominating Japanese market share for imported meat and processed foods. Base on our main operation of importing meat and our global network in China and Southeast Asia, we are developing a new market. By coordinating with our suppliers, processors and customers in the world, we propose new solutions to our clients both in Japan and overseas.

Processed Food Business Group

We provide various processed foods and frozen foods, to whole sellers, retailers and other markets. Our products are processed in contract facilities both in Japan and overseas which meet our strict quality control standard, including traceability and environmental sustainability.