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Machinery Division -
Fuji Machine Tools
As the exclusive agent of leading Fuji machine tools, we operate sales and maintenance service throughout European market. With our own showroom and technical staff in Frankfurt office and warehouse in Hamburg in Germany, we are able to provide prompt service to our customers.
Process combination
The standard capacity of 30 tools on the turrets (15 each) and 70 tools on the ATC magazine enables increased machining functionality and flexibility for high mixed production by process combination.
Unattended operation by integrated robot
Integrated robot for fast parts handling and unattended operation.Perfect chip disposal design enables non-stop and efficient production.
The hydraulic robot chuck enables stable clamping for heavy parts and eliminates any potential operator loading error.
Programming support
Easy programming for complex parts and process combination are possible by using ESPRIT 3D CAD/CAM system.

The thermally stable and space saving design bed is equipped with high rigidity slide, zero-center type headstock, and high speed turret. The machine column with high rigidity ensures stable quality and accuracy.
New High Speed Indexing Turret with three piece coupling and hydraulic clamping system for heavy cutting without chattering. Class 200/400 & 300R utilize the conventional cam type indexes.
High speed 3 axis gantry robot
The high speed 3 axis gantry robot reduces non-productive times during the loading / unloading cycle. Class 200/400 are controlled by the conventional Max SP1 controller.

Shaft work is supported with
the built-in type tailstock (option)
ANW35/ANW41 can be optionally equipped with a tailstock for 130 mm strokes and can machine a shaft work piece up to 250/270 mm length.
Swing arm robot
The swing arm robot reduces the amount of coolant and chip evacuation out of the machine since it travels inside the cover.
Auxiliary loader (option)
The auxiliary loader, which is equipped on the Z-axis slide, removes the machined work piece from the main-axis chuck. Next, the robot places a new work piece to the main-axis chuck and receives the machined work piece from the auxiliary loader.