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Connecting by reliance between production sites and consumer market.
Total Supply Chain Business and Development is done in Company Uniforms, Dress Shirts, and ​Bedclothes.
» Apparel No.1 Division/Apparel No.2 Division
Shirts Business Group
The product lineup consists of dress shirts, an essential item for business people, school shirts for students, and also custom-tailored shirts, for which demand has been growing in recent years. Produced mainly at our factories in Vietnam, the high-quality shirts we offer are both functional and stylish, and their reasonable prices have been very well received by customers.
Osaka Uniform Business Group/Tokyo Uniform Business Group
We are working on reinforcement of a production system from OEM production to our company plan production centering on uniform by the consistent proposal from upstream to downstream, so that we can continuously supply products in which customers can feel safer about. In the dealings over many years with China and the countries in Southeast Asia, since the stable production base which can perform continuous dealings has been established, this production base as a backbone, a consistent production system from production of material featuring its functionality and sophisticated design to production of finished products.
International Sales & Development Business Team
Based on overseas network as our strong point, we support happiness and health of the world and our future by grasping the needs of the customers from a point of view close to manufacturers. The product team has been dealing in the bed and bedding articles mainly in 7 fields (futon, blanket, towel, quilt, pillow, cover, rug). By proposing in total from products planning to overseas production, giving priority to customer satisfaction, we provide stylish and safe/secure products. The raw material team has been dealing in feathers (specially selected feather raw materials of high quality), polyester cotton as raw material and sheep wool as raw material etc. for bed and bedding articles. Thoroughly focusing on traceability and quality respect, we provide safe and secure raw materials.
Textile Development Business Group
Taking advantage of our overseas network, we propose and develop products that meet our customers’ needs, with raw materials and textiles as the starting point. In particular, through trading natural materials, as well as sustainable materials and textiles including recycled polyester, we are focusing on the achievement of the SDGs. And in the handling of feathers and down, we procure traceable and superior material in order to ensure quality. We aim to be a group of fiber materials experts that can handle business in a broad range of markets including those for industrial textiles to apparel and bedding.
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